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Nana Plaza

Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) is known for its famous adult nightlife. NEP is located at entrance of Sukhumvit Road Soi 4, opposite to Nana Hotel and at walking distance from BTS Skytrain’s “Nana Station”. The plaza consists of a three story building which is a center of bars and businesses in Bangkok for tourists. Including Patpong and Soi Cowboy, Nana Night Market is a red light district serving as an exciting nightlife destination.

About Nana Plaza

Girls hanging out at Nana PlazaIn 1970, Nana Plaza started as a restaurant place but in 1980, go-go bars and entertainment venues replaced the restaurants. Nana Night market consists of many beer bars and sex bars. Some notorious bars are: Voodoo, Obsession, Temptations, Carnival, Cascades, Casanova and Erotica. Crown group runs a number of bars including Hollywood Rock, Lollipop, G-Spot and Fantasia. The attraction of Nana Night market tends to fall in and out according to season and incoming tourists. During tourism season, the bars may be full to their capacity whereas in off-season the area may be completely vacant.

In the surrounding region, hotels for accommodation are available at affordable prices. Whether you are alone, in a group or with family members, you will find a relaxing atmosphere in these hotels without paying too much. If you stay in this region of Bangkok, you can easily visit other tourist destinations and wonderful sites of Bangkok. The area is well connected with other parts of Bangkok by fast transportation mediums. Tuk Tuk services are available to carry you to nearby destinations. To find out exactly how to get Nana Square and many other Markets go visit our Map page.


Even in this exciting nightlife, you will find some religious hearted people with bibles in their hands trying to convince visitors to change their ways. In bars, you will find girls with skimpy dresses dancing around the poles. Some bars are known for their attractive and beautiful lady boys. Many people prefer company of lady boys rather than girls and they search for transgendered girls. Many lady boys are looking sexier and more beautiful than girls and can attract many people. An embarrassing situation occurs for a male when he is in need of a female company and moves in with a transgender partner.

Visitors from different countries visit these bars to have some nightlife fun and adult entertainment. As the night goes darker, the beers flow more and the music gets louder. Till 11:00 PM and midnight, people lose all their senses with beer drinks and in company of bar girls. The exciting nights continue till 1AM or 2AM in the night. As the fun is all over, music goes mute, sexy mood lighting is switched off and drunken holidaymakers are asked to pay their bill and leave the stage right then.

Hotels Near Nana Square

This a very popular place for expats to stay while visiting Bangkok. Not only does it provide for some great night life but it is directly in the middle of town on the BTS system. While many pretty girls are in this area, it provides a place that is strategically located close to Siam and Termninal 21 MRT stations as well. This is a fun and great place to stay while visiting Bangkok for your vacation.


Girls at Nana Plaza





  1. Nana Night Bazaar or Nana Plaza is on Soi 4 is one of the biggest night entertainment areas of the world. It is a multi-story courtyard with many bars of every genre of lady entertainment a man would want. Also, If you are a people watcher. This is a great place to just sit in the courtyard and drink a beer and take in the excitement. Although one single 12 oz beer can run 250 baht just in the plaza when you can buy 4 at 7-11 for about 150 baht. So you are paying for the excitement. You can find out a lot more ifo at nightmarketbangkok.com.

  2. Do they sale condoms?

    • ha, well Jams, that is a pretty solid question.. b4 u go into nana plaza. directly on the right side of the road or directly across from the entrance is a small road side pharmacy. You will find all your necessary toiletries and nana accessories Im sure. Thanks for bringing safety to the blog. ha

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