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Nice people at Chic Burger JJ Green

Chic Burger JJ Green

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Awesome Burger at Chic BurgerThe term “Chic” is usually used to mean”stylish”, “elegant”, or to express a specific lifestyle or activity. As I try not to be trendy as we all most likely attempt to portray this “coolness”. If you love burgers, then you should join this lifestyle of “Chic Burgers”.  These burgers really do define the style and taste of of an awesome burger.

With my first visit to Chic Burger at JJ Green, I chose the signature “beef” burger.  I finished this burger in approximately 1:30 seconds.  As I inhaled this burger, it definitely was the best burger I have had in Bangkok.  It had a special sauce with it, that as I attempt to explain this sauce, I hope to not derail the burger.  The special sauce was almost like an thousand island dressing but sweeter than the other.   The french fries that came with the burger were amazing as well. I also tried the onion rings and they were really amazing as well and had a special sauce.

Chic Burger and Leo Beer at JJ GreenThe menu consists of Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Salmon Burgers to choose from with all of them around 100- 120 baht each with the Salmon burger being the most expensive. When adding fries the price goes to around 120-150 baht.

There are also different salads to choose from to include Salmon, Sausage, Chicken, Crab, and Tuna. The owner suggested to try the Salmon Salad. Another customer purchased the Fish and Chips, which looked pretty awesome!

Other items to try are Beef, Pork, Salmon, and Sausage steaks which are from 120-130 baht and different snacks to include garlic bread, onion rings, and chicken-fish fingers. I also tried the onion rings and they were really amazing as well and had a special sauce. These snacks were cheap as well from 50 – 100 baht. Tops and sides that were available are cheese, bacon, and egg.

All in all the “Chic Burger” at JJ Green is definitely a must if you love burgers and other western foods. This is a small eatery and probably better if you come sooner than later because of seats available. As everyone knows, JJ Green starts to get rocking very fast and its hard to get anywhere. I want to say that other than the amazing food at Chic Burger in JJ Green Market was the kindness of the owner and the great prices. After 2 burgers, 1 big leo, and onion rings at a trendy market like JJ cost me 480 baht = 14USD$/$14 British Pounds.



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