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Bangkok Night Market Map

The Map is Now Free on Our Site @ Bangkok Market Map

Night Market Bangkok provides the only detailed market map for finding your favorite Market and information on the street markets of Bangkok. The map provides a detailed image of how the markets are oriented throughout the Mass Transit system with an accompanying Global Positioning Link for each Night Market. The Application provides an additional 21 pages of important information for support and is very efficient, simple, and easily navigated on responsive mobile platforms. It allows the user to click back and forth from the map-menu to the market page with ease to provide a stress free experience with no learning curve at all.

Above is a brief example of navigating through the map with the user picking Asiatique Night Market. Asiatique Riverfront Night Market is positioned on the map where it is located on the Chao Praya River. Also presented above is the market menu. The menu will allow the user to click on the desired market which will easily navigate them to the directions and information of the specific page.

Asiatique Riverfront Directions and Information Page

The specific market page will give you a brief summary of the market and directions that will coincide with the map given. As seen above, additional information will be given such as visual images to aid with written directions if needed, relevant working hours of ferry or market, and very simple spoken and written thai script to show to anyone when needing special assistance. If the user needs to see another market, then they may simply click to go back to the main menu and map.

"Night Markets of Bangkok"

The street markets in Bangkok are ranked in the top 10 in the world almost every year. It never ends in Bangkok with the choices available for different night markets all around Bangkok. My site with the accompanying Market Map really does help give you an idea of where you might want to go, how to get there, and what you might encounter when strolling through the street market.

"Night Market Bangkok"

Night Market Bangkok is a website about all the great night markets in Bangkok, Thailand. Our site provides the visitor with great pictures, videos, and all sorts of information of the night markets in Bangkok and now we provide a great Market Map! Some additional information on the site are Bangkok Transportation Tips, Thai Language Tips, Accomodation Help, Dating Tips, and very important info on the Thai Culture. I really hope my site and Market Map provides you with the best info on choosing the right night market while you are in Bangkok. As well as info on having the best time while you are visiting Thailand.

This map is great! I dont like the high tech stuff nowadays and this was easy. Highly recommend if you love to shop and enjoy people watching at big, small, or local street markets.


The Market Map got me to the Train Market, Chatuchak, and Khlong Thom Market. You are missing out if you do not enjoy the music, food, and shopping at these markets.


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