We at nightmarketbangkok.com, want to show our deepest sympathies and regrets to the late passing of the beloved and father figure of Thailand, "King Bhumibol Adulyadej." He was such an amazing person and role model for not only the Thai people but for Global leaders of this modern world. He passed on October 13, 2016 and was born June 9, 1946 in Cambridge Massachusetts of the USA. He was such an artist in every way and had great empathy to everyone he came in contact and supported in life. He will be forever remembered by the Thailand nation.


During the time of mourning, this is a time for foreigners to be very aware of your actions and show great cultural respect for the Thai people. People will be wearing black and dark clothes to show their respect during this mourning process. This will be going on from a month to even a year during this time of healing. Attempt to understand how important the late King Bhumibol was to the Thai people. During this period of mourning, be aware that some places or events might be cancelled.

Night Market Bangkok

Night Market Bangkok is a website that was inspired from the many locals of Bangkok that devote their lives to selling handmade items, original thai food, and many other endemic gifts. For me, after one visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market I was hooked and addicted to becoming a part of this innovative and original style of life.

What are the Markets in Bangkok

The Night Markets in Bangkok are something different to everyone that gets the privilege to visit them in Bangkok. To some people maybe they are simply finding some really good deals to bring back to your home in your own country. To others they can be for providing wholesale items for your Business Opportunities abroad. For many Thai locals and Expats they are just a time away for people watching and a break from our busy lives to enjoy great food and music. For me they seem to provide an outlet of expression of an simple but creative way of life. I love the Night Market in Bangkok and hope to bring some of this expression to you:)

The Markets are Art Expression

Tattoo at Saphan Phut Night Market
Graffiti at Siam Night Market

The Markets are Music Expression

Music at Talad Rot Fai
Great acoustic Band at the Srinikarin Train Market

The Markets are Friends

Some great friends selling music at Ramkhamhaeng Night Market

Tight group of friends hanging out at at Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Markets are Family

Working hard with his mom at Khlong Toey Market !!Gotta teach them sometime!!
Keeping the family in the business at Silom Night Market

The Markets are Expression of Love

 Showing some puppy Love at Ratchada Train Market

Boy showing some love with his pet chick Klong Toey Market

The Markets are Fun

Having a beer and great fun while working at Bang Kapi Market

One of my favorite pictures I have taken in all the night markets at at Siam Night Market

The Markets are Interesting

Eating some Snakehead Fish at Huai Khwang Market at my favorite Restaurant!

Eating some big Scorpions at Khao San Road

Markets are for Beauty

Nice girl selling some beauty products and clothes at the Ramkhamhaeng Night Market

Getting pretty and getting nails done at Ramkhamhaeng Night Market

Markets are Cultural Expression

Beautiful Thai women in Traditional Dress at Chinatown Night Market

Pretty Thai Girl singing some traditional Thai Music in Thai Cultural Dress at Khlong Thom Market

Top 6 Night Markets in Bangkok

1. Chatuchak Market Bangkok

The greatest weekend market in the world is what some people call the Chatuchak Weekend Market
It is the biggest market in Thailand and is also known as J.J (JatuJak) market. Some say that JJ Market is one of the biggest and best Weekend Markets in the world. The market is mostly busier on weekends and it sells nearly all types of items. Some of these

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